Why are you here?

Why are you here? on this special day? But, while you are here, I suppose we have something in common, and so I think this post, how to NOT lose your love, would benefit the two of us. My qualification? Speaking from the experience of someone, who lost his love. I. Whatever Happens, STAY! A … Continue reading “Why are you here?”

Eugene the Poet – the Hero of My Life

Last Updated: May.10.18 Transcript for Eugene the librarian’s performance (copied from Librarians on YouTube (1)): [scene opens with a gangly looking man (with buck teeth and thick glasses) sitting backstage] STEPHEN MULHERN: [in voice over] And someone hoping they have what it takes to get them through to the next round is … Eugene. [cut to Eugene … Continue reading “Eugene the Poet – the Hero of My Life”

2017 Best Year Ever – New Year Resolutions for 2018

Year-end is a great time to review what we have done during the whole period. It’s time to reflect, ponder about what we have/have not accomplished so far, so that we can see whether we’re on the right track, or off track, whether there should be some course correction; or, better or worse, depending on … Continue reading “2017 Best Year Ever – New Year Resolutions for 2018”

Why Enjoy Your Journey

Last Updated: May.10.18 Life is a journey. Everything is bound by time, whatever is started, will eventually come to an end. Whether you want to reach a destination, achieve a goal, complete a project, write a book, there must be a start, and an end. That’s clear. Now the thing that makes most of us, … Continue reading “Why Enjoy Your Journey”